Pilates Plus

Pilates has been popular in the UK for a long time, but if you’re not sure how it all began, or what the thinking behind it is, here’s a quick guide…

A little history

First invented by German-born Joseph Pilates, way back in the 1920s, Pilates is based around creating a strong, stable core, improving your posture and making your movement more efficient, comfortable and controlled.

How Pilates can help

Pilates works by activating the muscles deep in your abdomen and spine, lengthening and strengthening them using slow, accurate, flowing movements to restore normal flexibility, alignment and balance.

This helps you avoid over-using certain muscle groups, which can make them tight and lead to limited movement or injury. By teaching you to use your body better, Pilates can help you avoid these problems and feel stronger, more mobile and more flexible.

As a physio-led studio, our favourite thing about Pilates is the way it helps people with back, hip or shoulder problems, poor posture, limited movement or occupational pain. If you’ve got any of these worries, talk them through with us  and we’ll give you the support you need.

Who Pilates is for

Whether you’re a complete beginner, you’re returning to exercise after a break, or you’re an elite athlete or dancer, Pilates is a great form of exercise and strength work. It’s also a very mindful exercise, which helps lots of people relax, focus and find a little calm in their busy lives.