Pilates Plus

Our friendly, physiotherapy-led team has been running small-group Pilates classes for clients across Wiltshire and Berkshire for over 20 years.

We started our studio because, as physios, we were always working with people recovering from bad backs, illness and injury. As well as hands-on treatment, they wanted a safe, clinically based way to recover, get stronger and stay that way.

So, we started small-group Pilates classes where our physios could give people the individual attention, support and guidance they needed to look after their health, fitness and posture.

Today we’ve grown to become a team of 7 offering classes in a brand new studio in the lovely Hungerford countryside. We’re still physio-led and 80% of our instructors are physios, but we’ve also taken on some outstanding, highly qualified non-physio instructors our clients really love.

As ever, we’re all focused on helping you take better care of your body, improving your strength, posture, energy levels and flexibility.

You can find out more about our classes here  and get to know our instructors here . If you’ve got any questions, we’re always happy to help, so just get in touch .