Pilates Plus

Pilates Plus is an independent studio with a small, friendly team of experienced instructors who love teaching classes at all levels.

We’re physiotherapist-owned and led, and 80% of our instructors are physios. They’re all registered with The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and fully trained by the outstanding Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute.

That includes our owner Kate, an experienced, practising physio who oversees our Pilates classes to make sure they bring in the latest thinking on movement control, muscle efficiency and core stability. With so much physio input, we’re also able to help you work through minor injuries safely.

Our non-physio instructors are hugely experienced, exceptional Pilates experts who were so good we just had to bring them on board. Like the rest of us, they’ve been through extensive Pilates training and have years of experience teaching classes in the studio.

As ever, we’re all focused on helping you take better care of your body, improving your strength, posture, energy levels and flexibility.

We run classes at a range of levels, and we’ve put together a quick class guide to help you find the right one for you. Group sizes are kept small so you feel confident and comfortable, giving you plenty of individual support and great value for money.