Pilates Plus

This document lays out how we use data that you submit on any of our websites (pilatesplus.org.uk, thelilleyclinic.co.uk).

It doesn’t govern privacy of data you provide to us through any other means. All data is kept in the strictest confidence. If you have any questions about privacy then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We keep some data about you to help make using this site a better experience. Most of this data is voluntary, and you decide what you enter by making choices when filling out forms on our site.

All data that you enter voluntarily is kept in a database. We store this data securely, and we don’t let any third party access your information. We don’t allow any other user to see any of your personal details, other than your display name. Booking information, such as which classes you are booked on to, is only visible to other users when you make it public. For instance, when you cancel a class all visitors to this site can see that somebody with your display name attends the class cancelled. We never share data that is not entered publicly, and you can expect that all data you enter to be kept within our system. Your instructors are administrators on this site, and can see all the data that is recorded about you. Developers and engineers working on the site may also be able to access data about you, however they are bound to a confidentiality agreement.

You can ask to see any of this data at any time. To do this, contact us.

When you visit this site we also take some data without asking you. None of this data can be used to identify you. When you visit this site we collect your IP address and save several small strings of text to your computer, called cookies. This information allows us to see which pages you visit, how long you spend on the site and how often you visit us. You can disable cookies in your browser to prevent this, however you will not be able to login to our site, nor many others. Cookies do not harm your computer. Nobody is able to identify you from this information. You can delete cookies from your browser, some will be from pilatesplus.org.uk, others will be from third parties such as Google and Ben Sutcliffe. Disabling cookies will mean that you cannot login to our system for extended periods.