Pilates Plus
Pilates and Nordic Walking in Marlborough, Wiltshire

Intelligent Exercise

Pilates Plus was set up in 2000 to meet the demand for an individually tailored approach to fitness, health and good posture. As qualified Physiotherapists, we often saw patients with bad backs, or who were recovering from illness - or who just wanted to keep fit and toned.

And these were 'real' people, not just film starts and celebrities!

What's more, these 'real people' didn't want loud music and big, bustling classes. They wanted individual attention from a certified professional.

So Pilates Plus was born, offering the renowned Pilates mind-body conditioning exercise programme that is easy to do at any level. The big difference with Pilates Plus is that classes are small and intimate and all teaching is led by qualified Physiotherapists with years of experience and training behind them.

Pilates helps you to take control of your body and can give you better posture, more energy, strength and flexibility.

Try it and feel the difference!