Pilates Plus

Class Level Descriptions

Introductory A six week intensive course designed to give you a feel for the core range of pilates principles and exercises. At the end of this, we will advise you as to which level class is appropriate for you
Level 1 Progression from introductory. People with medical problems such as low back pain may stay at this level for 2 or more terms.
Level 2 For people who have done 6 months or so of pilates with us. A lot of people choose to stay at this level especially if you are recovering from an injury or prefer a gentler form of exercise and postural awareness.
Level 2 Steady this is a level 2 class which is NOT aiming to progress to an intermediate class
Intermediate For people who have done at least a year of pilates.
Intermediate/Advanced An intermediate class for people progressing to an advanced class. Generally no medical problems and a willingness to be pushed a bit!
Advanced Suitable for fit, strong people carrying no injury or problems.


Pilates Therapy Service This service is run by Jackie, Kate and Nicky. They use Pilate's techniques to treat people, on an individual basis. This service enables them to truly merge their Physio and Pilates training and experience to help people with joint and muscle problems achieve their best potential.
Private Class A class organised by a private individual on behalf of a group of their own. One client is responsible for the termly payment for the group.