Pilates Plus

Ante and Postnatal Classes

Your body has lots to get used to during and after pregnancy and your changing shape, weight and centre of gravity can leave you vulnerable to aches and pains, especially in your back. Pilates gently enhances your core strength, helping your body cope, while giving you some quiet time to yourself.

We run small, dedicated classes for mums to be and new mums, taught by qualified physiotherapists with specialist ante and postnatal training from the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute.

You can start our antenatal classes at any point during your pregnancy. As well as exercising, you'll learn how to look after your changing body. Our postnatal classes are ideal whether or not you've done pilates before, and can be started between six weeks and two years after your baby’s born. We tailor exercises to suit your fitness and birth experience (i.e. caesarean vs natural and any complications).


If you're thinking of booking either class, just ring us on 01672 513 333 and we'll be happy to talk about your specific needs. For times and prices, see our class programme.