Pilates Plus
Pilates and Nordic Walking in Marlborough, Wiltshire

What is Pilates?

Devised by German born Joseph Pilates in the 1920's, Pilates is a total mind-body conditioning exercise programme that is based around creating a stable core by activating deep abdominal and spinal muscles. This assists good posture and efficient control of movement.

Pilates aims to lengthen and strengthen your muscles using slow, precise, accurate and flowing movements to restore normal movement, alignment and balance. This helps the body to avoid over-using some muscle groups which then become tight and can lead to restriction and injury. Correct movement patterns lead to a feeling of mobility and flexibility.

Pilates can be taught at all levels from complete beginner to advanced. It is ideal for people returning to exercise after a long break or taking it up for the first time, right through to elite athletes and ballet dancers.

But perhaps Pilates greatest strength, is its ability to help people with back pain, before or after childbirth, with hip or shoulder problems, with poor posture or occupational pain. PilatesPlus offers a range of classes that will suit you.